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run it once for the whole. For example, may want to restart apache,
but only once despite many config changes being made to satisfy
properties. onChange is a poor substitute.
-* Currently only Debian and derivatives are supported by most Properties.
- This could be improved by making the Distribution of the system part
- of its HostAttr.
* Display of docker container properties is a bit wonky. It always
says they are unchanged even when they changed and triggered a
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* There is no way for a property of a docker container to require
some property be met outside the container. For example, some servers
need ntp installed for a good date source.
+* Attributes can only be set in the top level property list for a Host.
+ If an attribute is set inside a propertyList, it won't propigate out.
+ Fix this. Probably the fix involves combining AttrProperty into Property.
+ Then propertyList can gather the attributes from its list.