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-propellor 4.7.3 released with [[!toggle text="these changes"]]
-[[!toggleable text="""
- * Expand the Trace data type."""]] \ No newline at end of file
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+propellor 4.8.0 released with [[!toggle text="these changes"]]
+[[!toggleable text="""
+ * DiskImage: Made a DiskImage type class, so that different disk image
+ formats can be implemented. The properties in this module can generate
+ any type that is a member of DiskImage. (API change)
+ (To convert existing configs, convert the filename of the disk image
+ to RawDiskImage filename.)
+ * Removed DiskImage.vmdkBuiltFor property. (API change)
+ Instead, use VirtualBoxPointer in the property that creates the disk
+ image.
+ * Apt.isInstalled: Fix handling of packages that are not known at all
+ to apt.
+ * Borg: Converted BorgRepo from a String alias to a data type.
+ (API change)
+ * Borg: Allow specifying ssh private key to use when accessing a borg
+ repo by using the BorgRepoUsing constructor with UseSshKey.
+ * Borg: Fix broken shell escaping in borg cron job.
+ * Attic: Fix broken shell escaping in attic cron job.
+ * Make lock file descriptors close-on-exec.
+ * Lvm: New module for setting up LVM volumes.
+ Thanks, Nicolas Schodet"""]] \ No newline at end of file