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@@ -2,6 +2,20 @@ If you do nothing else, avoid use of partial functions from the Prelude!
`import Utility.PartialPrelude` helps avoid this by defining conflicting
functions for all the common ones. Also avoid `!!`, it's partial too.
+The rest of this coding style is followed to keep the code in Propellor
+consistent. You don't have to follow these rules in your own config.hs, or
+in Propellor modules that you don't intend to get merged into mainstrain
+Start a module with a comment indicating what software it provides
+properties for, and who maintains the module.
+ -- | Maintainer: Your Name Here <>
+ --
+ -- Support for the Foo daemon <>
+ module Propellor.Property.Foo
Use tabs for indentation.
Code should make sense with any tab stop setting, but 8 space tabs are