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@@ -13,6 +13,10 @@ Here, the Info of `foo` is not propigated out. Nor is `bar`'s Info.
Of course, only one of them will be run, and only its info should be propigated
+This commonly afflicts eg, privData. For example, `User.hasPassword'`
+has this problem, and this prevents --list-fields from listing privdata
+that's not set from that property.
One approach might be to make the Propellor monad be able to be run in two
modes. In one mode, it actually perform IO, etc. In the other mode, all
liftIO is a no-op, but all Info encountered is accumulated using a Reader
@@ -24,5 +28,7 @@ properties have been examined for info!
Perhaps that can be finessed. We don't really need to propigate out OS info.
Just DNS and PrivDataField Info. So info could be collected in 2 passes,
-first as it's done now by static propertyInfo values. Then by running
-the Properties in the Reader monad.
+first as it's done now by static propertyInfo values. Then take that
+and use it as the Info when running the Properties in the Reader monad.
+Combine what the Reader accumulates with the static info to get the full