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Added dependency on concurrent-output; removed embedded copy.
Removed deps on transformers, text, stm. Updated debian/control and Propellor.Bootstrap accordingly. Sorted the lists of deps to make it easier to keep them in sync.
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--- |
--- Copyright: 2015 Joey Hess <>
--- License: BSD-2-clause
--- The functions exported by this module are intended to be drop-in
--- replacements for those from System.Process, when converting a whole
--- program to use System.Console.Concurrent.
-module System.Process.Concurrent where
-import System.Console.Concurrent
-import System.Console.Concurrent.Internal (ConcurrentProcessHandle(..))
-import System.Process hiding (createProcess, waitForProcess)
-import System.IO
-import System.Exit
--- | Calls `createProcessConcurrent`
--- You should use the waitForProcess in this module on the resulting
--- ProcessHandle. Using System.Process.waitForProcess instead can have
--- mildly unexpected results.
-createProcess :: CreateProcess -> IO (Maybe Handle, Maybe Handle, Maybe Handle, ProcessHandle)
-createProcess p = do
- (i, o, e, ConcurrentProcessHandle h) <- createProcessConcurrent p
- return (i, o, e, h)
--- | Calls `waitForProcessConcurrent`
--- You should only use this on a ProcessHandle obtained by calling
--- createProcess from this module. Using this with a ProcessHandle
--- obtained from System.Process.createProcess etc will have extremely
--- unexpected results; it can wait a very long time before returning.
-waitForProcess :: ProcessHandle -> IO ExitCode
-waitForProcess = waitForProcessConcurrent . ConcurrentProcessHandle