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Added Propellor.Property.Installer modules, which can be used to create bootable installer disk images, which then run propellor to install a system. This code was extracted from the demo I gave at my talk at DebConf 2017, from the secret-project repository. That repository was AGPL licensed. I hereby relicense the code committed here under the same 2-clause BSD license as the rest of propellor. Changes from secret-project: Generalized UserInput to a type class, and added a lot more documentation and examples. This commit was sponsored by Brock Spratlen on Patreon.
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+-- | Installer disk image generation
+-- These modules contain properties that can be used to create a disk
+-- image, suitable for booting from removable media, that can perform an
+-- interactive or non-interactive installation of a Host's internal disk.
+-- The disk image is created using propellor. When booted, it runs
+-- propellor to install to the desired disk.
+-- There is no user interface included here. For an example of using
+-- this to build a full, interactive installer, see
+-- <>
+module Propellor.Property.Installer (module X) where
+import Propellor.Property.Installer.Types as X
+import Propellor.Property.Installer.Target as X