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optionally use type-errors to detect stuckness
Use the type-errors library to detect when the type checker gets stuck unable to reduce type-level operations on MetaTypes, and avoid displaying massive error messages in such a case. But, since type-errors is a new library not available in eg Debian yet, added a WithTypeErrors build flag. When the library is not available, cabal will automatically disable that build flag, and it will build without the type-errors library. This is most often used when combining properties of different types. If the MetaTypes don't have an OS in common, the error message used to be "Property " followed by pages of MetaTypes operations. Now it looks like this: • Cannot combine Properties: Property <unknown> Property HasInfo + Debian + Buntish + ArchLinux + FreeBSD (Property <unknown> is often due to a partially applied Property constructor, or due to passing the wrong type to a Property constructor.) Also it's used in ensureProperty to detect a case where the outer MetaTypes need to be inferred in order to check if the inner MetaTypes match, but the type checker is unable to infer it: • ensureProperty outer Property type is not able to be inferred here. Consider adding a type annotation. • When checking the inferred type writeConfig :: forall (outer :: [Propellor.Types.MetaTypes.MetaType]) t. And it's used in tightenTargets to detect when ghc is unable to infer the desired type of Property: • Unable to infer desired Property type in this use of tightenTargets. Consider adding a type annotation. • When checking the inferred type mk :: forall (tightened :: [Propellor.Types.MetaTypes.MetaType]).
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@@ -35,6 +35,9 @@ Description:
It is configured using haskell.
+Flag WithTypeErrors
+ Description: Build with type-errors library for better error messages
Default-Language: Haskell98
GHC-Options: -Wall -fno-warn-tabs -O0
@@ -47,6 +50,9 @@ Library
directory, filepath, IfElse, process, bytestring, hslogger, split,
unix, unix-compat, ansi-terminal, containers (>= 0.5), network, async,
time, mtl, transformers, exceptions (>= 0.6), stm, text, hashable
+ if flag(WithTypeErrors)
+ Build-Depends: type-errors