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Add HasCallStack constraint to pickOS and unsupportedOS, so the call stack includes the caller.
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+This comes from something using `unsupportedOS'`, perhaps via `pickOS`.
+Probably it's coming from the use of `Systemd.nspawned`,
+which is going to use debootstrap to build the container,
+since the container uses debian. To use debootstrap,
+it needs to install it, and `Debootstrap.installed`
+uses `pickOS` to work out how to install it, but only supports
+installing debootstrap on linux hosts. Your riva4 host does not have its OS
+declared, leading to the failure.
+It seems there ought to be a way to get a deeper call
+stack, to make it easier to work this out. It's possible to build
+propellor with profiling and get a complete call stack, as shown at
+<>. It might make sense for
+propellor to always be built that way.
+A simpler approach is to
+add `HasCallStack =>` constraints to `pickOS` and `unsupportedOS'`,
+so that those will have a call stack that reaches back to their
+caller, which in your case would reach back to `Debootstrap.installed`,
+which is probably enough. For now, I've made this change.