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tweaks to db45x's patch
Removed mountNow as a top-level property, as I don't think it makes sense for anything except for mounted to use it. db45x's patch turns out to have introduced a bug in mounted's use of "mountNow src". That made mountNow check if the device was a mount point, which it isn't. The fix would have been to use "mountNow mnt", but my inlining of mountnow just basically reverted the part of the patch that introduced the bug. swapOn does not involve the fstab so moved to the Mount module. (Also noticed that Mount.mounted is a kind of weird property, given that it fails the next time ran. It's only used internally by some chroot properties, so I left it as-is, but added a comment. It might make sense to make Mount.mounted check like mountNow does if the thing is already mounted.)
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+Merged. Have not tested it either.
+On my Debian system, the swapon command does not support the
+`--no-headings` that you used. It's `--noheadings` here. Is that a typo in
+your patch?
+I've simply removed that option for now, since it probably won't
+hurt if it treats the heading like another device that's swapped on.