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The propellor wrapper checks if ./config.hs exists; if so it runs using the configuration in the current directory, rather than ~/.propellor/config.hs
The config,hs name now seems a bit badly chosen, propellor.hs would be less ambiguous. To avoid accidentially running with a config.hs for something else, the file content has to contain "Propellor". Note that checkRepoUpToDate is only run for ~/.propellor/. I guess propellor configs in other directories won't have been set up that way, and it would take some changes to make that not hardcode use of dotPropellor. There's a new security boundary here, since running propellor looks at the cwd, whose contents might not be user the user's control. The security checks I added for this seem pretty good, but even if they can be bypassed, this is not much different than `make` using the Makefile in cwd. This commit was sponsored by Ole-Morten Duesund on Patreon.
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@@ -24,8 +24,8 @@ and configured in haskell.
Once propellor is configured, running it without any options will take
action as needed to satisfy the configured properties of the local host.
- If there's a central git repository, it will first fetch from the
- repository, check the gpg signature and merge, and rebuild propellor,
+ If there's a central git repository, it will first fetch from it,
+ check the gpg signature and merge, and rebuild propellor,
so that any configuration changes will immediately take effect.
If propellor is run by a non-root user without any options, this is
@@ -116,6 +116,19 @@ and configured in haskell.
This is useful when the local host doesn't yet have its hostname set
+* ~/.propellor/config.hs
+ This is the default config file used by propellor.
+* ./config.hs
+ If propellor is run in a directory containing a config.hs, it
+ assumes that the current directory is a propellor repository, and
+ uses the configuration from the current directory, rather tnan
+ ~/.propellor/
Set `PROPELLOR_DEBUG=1` to make propellor output each command it runs and