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--spin can be passed multiple hosts, and it will provision each host in turn.
Note that if it fails to spin a host, it will stop. I think this is better than continuing to the next, because there might be a reason to spin hosts in some specific order (ie, update dns first and then use it).
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-* --spin targethost [--via relayhost]
+* --spin targethost [targethost ...] [--via relayhost]
Causes propellor to automatically install itself on the specified target
host, or if it's already installed there, push any updates. Propellor is
then run on the target host, to satisfy its configured properties.
+ A signed git commit is made by --spin, so that any changes you have made
+ get propigated to the target host.
+ Multiple target hosts can be specified; propellor will run on each of
+ them in sequence.
When run with --via, propellor sshes to the relay host and runs
`propellor --spin hostname` from there. This can be useful when
propellor is installing itself, since most of the data transfer