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+[[!comment format=mdwn
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+ date="2017-08-31T22:40:34Z"
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+That's a pretty nice job for your first haskell code! And an impressive
+Most of my review comments have to do with improving types.. Which is
+always a nice way to improve already good code. :)
+* VolumeGroup and LogicalVolume seem like easy things to mix up.
+ Also, there's never a LogicalVolume without an associated VolumeGroup.
+ So, suggest `newtype VolumeGroup = VolumeGroup String` and
+ `data LogicalVolume = LogicalVolume String VolumeGroup` -- then
+ the user would write something like
+ `LogicalVolume "test" (VolumeGroup "vg0")`
+* Why not make `LvState` contain a `Maybe Partition.Fs` rather than
+ the string value. (This also would move the parsing of filesystem names
+ from `fsMatch` to `lvState` or perhaps to another function it uses.)
+* It seems a bit wrong for `parseSize` to include the rounding
+ to the next extent, which is not really related to parsing.
+ Would be better to split those two things into separate functions.
+I feel that this module is fairly close to mergeable.