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+propellor 5.8.0 released with [[!toggle text="these changes"]]
+[[!toggleable text="""
+ * Fix bug in File.containsShellSetting that replaced whole shell conffile
+ content with the setting if the file did not previously contain a line
+ setting the key to some value.
+ * Removed inChroot, instead use hasContainerCapability FilesystemContained.
+ (API change)
+ * Hostname: Properties that used to not do anything in a systemd or
+ docker container will now change the container's hostname,
+ since it's namespaced.
+ * Add User.ownsWithPrimaryGroup
+ Thanks, Sean Whitton
+ * Ssh.userKeys, Ssh.userKeyAt: Create .ssh directory when it does not yet
+ exist.
+ * Ssh.userKeyAt: When a relative filepath is provided, it's put inside
+ the user's .ssh directory.
+ * Fix Git.pulled always reporting a change.
+ Thanks, Sean Whitton"""]] \ No newline at end of file