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+I'm trying to use propellor (and to learn haskell!) to manage my laptop and a small server, both running debian stable.
+The server is a lime2 soc [1], with only 1GiB of RAM, and no swap (I think this is the default setup from the freedombox image).
+propellor --spin failed when targeting the server: on the server, ghc got killed by the OOM killer.
+I then simplified my config.hs and successfully ran "cabal build -j1" from the server.
+At some point during the successful build, ghc was using 400MiB of memory.
+This is 40% of the whole memory, I fear the OOM killer will strike again if I don't change something.
+I'll probably try to enable swap.
+Propellor seems designed with embedded devices in mind (eg. with the image builder), I'm surprised it demands that much RAM.
+Am I missing something?
+Do people cross-compile propellor to avoid the issue?