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+I modified spin', adding this before its final ssh:
+ async $ createProcessForeground $ proc "sleep" ["500"]
+This more or less replicates the problem reliably; the remote propellor
+runs but nothing gets displayed for 500 seconds until the sleep process
+is done. At which point the whole buffered output appears. Use cat instead
+and it'll hang forever.
+Of course, that means `ps fax` shows propellor with sleep and ssh as
+child processes. If only ssh shows as a child process and nothing else
+when the problem naturally occurs, then that's a different problem
+than what I was able to replicate.
+Anyway, this seems too fragile to leave like this even though
+nothing run on the way to a ssh should run for very long.
+So, I'm making the ssh be run forced to the foreground, which will
+certianly avoid all such problems.