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+is not a cron job, it just modifies the Property to only do anything
+every so often.
+It's also possible to modify a Property so it only runs once.
+can be used to do that.
+But there are good reasons for propellor to default to checking all
+Properties of a system each time:
+* It means that most Properties are idempotent, which has many good
+ features, like being able to recover from a crash.
+* If a system no longer has a configured Property, to fix it back to having
+ the property it's supposed to have.
+* Or, if it can't be fixed, to tell you with an error message in red.
+* It keeps propellor mostly stateless; rather than having to record state
+ about how it thinks a system is, which could diverge from reality,
+ it just looks at how it actually is.