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+Inspirated by <>
+I started to teach propellor about other ARM boards.
+(After having a clean build for a supported ARM board)
+Using two directories, a `~/.propellor` with my hosts and `src/propellor` with propellor source code.
+In the code directory I modified `src/Propellor/Property/Machine.hs`,
+compiled with `debuild -uc -us` and installed with `dpkg -i ../propellor*.deb`.
+Then using my hosts directory to get a WTF moment
+ $ propellor --spin
+ Auto-merging src/Propellor/Property/Machine.hs
+ Auto-merging propellor.cabal
+ Auto-merging debian/changelog
+ Auto-merging config.hs
+ CONFLICT (add/add): Merge conflict in config.hs
+ Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result.
+ propellor: Failed to run git ["merge","279b9267952b598914037983f74606d4f9c4ff6e","-s",
+ "recursive","-Xtheirs","--quiet","-m","merging upstream version"
+ ,"--allow-unrelated-histories"]
+ CallStack (from HasCallStack):
+ error, called at src/Propellor/DotDir.hs:425:17 in main:Propellor.DotDir
+What did connect both directories and why?
+More important:
+What directory setup and workflow to use
+to teach propellor about other ARM boards?