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+The easy way to translate your command to a property is:
+ cmdProperty "mount" ["-t", "nfs", "", "/mnt/nfs"]
+ `assume` MadeChange
+This has the benefit of working with any command you might want,
+and the drawback of not preventing eg, re-mounting an already
+mounted device.
+`mounted` takes a `MountOpts` which is a specialized data type.
+You can construct one with eg, `(MountOpts ["defaults"])`.
+But, since `MountOpts` is a `Monoid`, and "defaults" is the default of an
+empty `MountOpts`, you can more simply use `mempty` to get the default one:
+ Mount.mounted "nfs" "" "/mnt/nfs" mempty
+Propellor.Property.Mount was mostly written for use by some other
+properties, and so doesn't really target the end user as much. And, I
+notice, its `mounted` property doesn't check if the device is already
+mounted and so will try to re-mount unnecessarily.
+I'm not sure if manually driving the mount command makes the most sense;
+wouldn't it be better to have a property that updates /etc/fstab?