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+The following property sets up my wacky outbound mail setup.
+smtpLeaf :: Property (HasInfo + DebianLike)
+smtpLeaf = propertyList "smtp leaf node" $ props
+ & Apt.installed["nullmailer", "bsd-mailx"]
+ & File.hasPrivContent "/etc/nullmailer/remotes" anyContext
+ & tetheraApt
+ & Apt.installed ["nullmailer-extras"] & Apt.update & Apt.upgrade
+ & Ssh.userKeys (User "mail") anyContext [ (SshRsa, Tethera.Keys.mail_ssh) ]
+ & Ssh.knownHost hosts "" (User "mail")
+The "Apt.update & Apt.upgrade" is there because nullmailer-extras is kindof a work in progress and I need to make sure that when I add a new version to the private apt repo it's drawing from, that get's installed. It works but it seems a bit slow, and more importantly upgrading everything is kindof a heavy side effect (which might even break things), in order to update this one package. Is there a better way to do this? Don't assume I know anything, I started using propellor 2 days ago...