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This is to support eg, coreboot. The GrubTarget passed to Grub.installed is introspected to determine --target. If multiple grubs are installed, it currently doesn't pass any --target. Might make more sense to run grub-install repeatedly, but I don't know if that case is sane at all. The Xen -> "x86_64-xen" mapping is kind of arbitrarily chosen since there's a i386-xen available too. I don't know when that case would be used in any case though; chainPVGrub uses installed Xen, but it does not run grub-install. If this does become a problem, would probably need to split it into Xen64 and Xen32. Renamed BIOS to GrubTarget in passing to match grub's terminology; BIOS was kind of a joke term for this in propellor. This commit was sponsored by Francois Marier on Patreon.
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