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changes to allow GPT BIOS boot partitions
* Parted: Allow partitions to have no filesystem, for eg, GPT BIOS boot partitions. (API change) * Added rawPartition to PartSpec, for specifying partitions with no filesystem. * Added BiosGrubFlag to PartFlag. Note that man parted does not list the "bios_boot" flag, but I found it in its html documentation. Other flags may also be missing. This commit was sponsored by Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. on Patreon.
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+I don't know much about GPT boot stuff. I found mention of a BIOS boot
+partition for GPT here:
+So, 1 mb partition with no filesystem and a "bios_grub" flag.
+Propellor's partitioning DSL will need to be extended in order to
+support that. Currently, `Partition` has a `Fs` that is one of the common
+filesystems or swap. Now we need no filesystem, so either add a NoFs to Fs,
+or change it to use `Maybe Fs`. I chose the latter, because with NoFs,
+Partition.formatted would be a no-op, which would be kinda surprising.
+I've made a commit adding all the stuff you should need, but I have not
+tested making a BIOS boot partition with it. Should look
+something like this:
+ & hasPartition (rawPartition (MegaBytes 1) `setFlag` BiosGrubFlag)
+If you get it working, it would be good to add an example to propellor's docs.