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+[[!comment format=mdwn
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+ date="2016-06-02T21:10:20Z"
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+You can use `ensureProperty` to do this.
+ withMyAcc desc mkp = property' desc $ \w ->
+ u <- getMyAcc
+ ensureProperty w (mkp u)
+The type of this will be somewhat more complex than the one you gave,
+but it should work.
+Alas a description has to be provided to withMyAcc. It cannot reuse the
+description of `mkp` because to get a property that it can introspect for its
+description, a User has to be provided, and the User can only be determined by
+running Propellor (IO) action getMyAcc. You might be able to finesse this
+by using a monoidial value and get the description of `mkp mempty`.
+Or, you could do something like this to tie the knot. I don't know if this
+is a good idea (it might even `<<loop>>`), but it illustrates the core
+problem nicely; to get at the Info, we need a Host, but to get a Host, we
+need to already know its properties.
+ foo :: Host
+ foo = host "" $ props
+ & withMyAcc (hostInfo foo) User.accountFor