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+[[!comment format=mdwn
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+You really have to follow the types here. `withTmpDir` passes a tmp dir to
+a monadic action. A RevertableProperty is not a monadic action (although it
+does contain one), so your code doesn't type check.
+What you can do is use `ensureProperty` to run a property from within
+the Propellor action of an enclosing property. The type of that is
+`ensureProperty :: Property NoInfo -> Propellor Result` ,
+so it can't be used on a RevertableProperty like your `sbuild'`.
+If you can get a `foo :: System -> FilePath -> Property NoInfo`, you can
+use it with `ensureProperty` like this:
+ sbuild system = property "some desc" $ do
+ ensureProperty $
+ withTmpDir "sbuild" $ \tmpdir -> foo system tmpdir
+But .. To get from a RevertableProperty to a Property NoInfo is a fraught
+conversion. `toProp` can get to a Property HasInfo. You'd have to use
+`ignoreInfo` to get from there to a Property NoInfo, and a lot of care
+should be taken when using `ignoreInfo`.
+It *might* be ok to ignoreInfo in this case; the agument would go that this
+is a chroot being used to create a sbuild image, so any Info belonging to
+properties of the chroot doesn't affect the host that it's built on,
+and so it doesn't need to propigate out. But, consider that this would
+break any properties inside the chroot that use privdata, since
+privdata works via info.
+I'd probably take an alternate tack here. Make `sbuild` use a chroot
+directory in a fixed location, instead of a temp directory. It could
+base the chroot location on the filename of the tarball it's creating
+`(++ ".chroot")`, for example.
+That approach also has the benefit of letting you alter properties of the
+chroot and propellor will modify the existing chroot to meet those
+properties, which is faster than building a new chroot every time.
+(Then you can use `onChange` to update the schroot tarball anytime the
+chroot changes.)