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+When using propellor to install/create VM images, one naturally wants to set some kind of sane network configuration. Unfortunately the name of the network interface in the guest (or newly installed system) varies according to the hardware setup. As a concrete example, in a newly created stretch amd64 image it is ens0, while in a stretch s390x image it is enc0. I guess the Debian installer must have some way of figuring this out and creating a sane /etc/network/interfaces. Is this something that Property.DiskImage can help with, or do I need to carry per-VM configuration information? I don't mind so much the extra config info, but it's a bit annoying that I need to boot the vm to see what the network device is called.
+I guess the Luddite solution is to turn off interface renaming via boot options; I'm not sure that option will always be available to me, e.g. when deploying images on someone else's host.