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+So, it turns out that yes, root is a thing on os x... but it is complicated. I'm going to put what I learned here because I think it will be useful, at least for telling folks how to use propellor on os x.
+1. Enable the root account. Steps are here:
+2. password-authentication as root is disabled -- if you try to `ssh root@localhost`, it wont work. you need a key pair.
+3. use su/sudo to install a public key (probably at `.ssh/`) to roots authorized_keys. adapted from:
+4. copy the the pub file to authorized keys: `sudo cp /Users/joel/.ssh/ /var/root/.ssh/authorized_keys`
+5. you should now be able to `ssh root@localhost` without a password.
+I'm not super sure that this is even the best way forward, but lets get this working first, then we'll see.