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+ subject="systemd-nspawn with its own network in the container"
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+If you use networkd, things are quite simple, you can use
+`--network-zone=something` and it will create a bridge, add the host interface
+to it and add an interface in the container. Default networkd configuration
+will choose an IP network for the zone (it use the interface name to recognize
+what must be done), use DHCP in the container, handle DHCP request on host and
+route packets to the external interface. The bridge is automatically removed
+when all containers are shut down.
+Without networkd, you can create a bridge on the host in
+ auto br0
+ iface br0 inet static
+ address
+ netmask
+ pre-up brctl addbr br0
+ post-down brctl delbr br0
+ bridge_fd 0
+Then use the `--network-bridge=br0` option. It will add the host interface
+automatically to the bridge and you need a way to configure the containers
+interface, either using networkd or the traditional ifupdown.