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trademark nonsense
Removed references to *buntu from code and documentation because of an unfortunate trademark use policy. That included changing a data constructor to "FooBuntu", an API change.
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@@ -7,13 +7,13 @@ I have heard of propellor being used on OSX. Probably that user wrote their
own code for OSX specific stuff.
Propellor properites can be parameterized by OS. Currently it has support
-for Debian and some untested support for Ubuntu. A property can be parameterized
+for Debian and some untested support for *buntu. A property can be parameterized
like this:
foo :: Property
foo = property "foo" withOS desc $ \o -> case o of
(Just (System (Debian _) _)) -> ensureProperty fooDebian
- (Just (System (Ubuntu _) _)) -> ensureProperty fooUbuntu
+ (Just (System (FooBuntu _) _)) -> ensureProperty fooBuntu
The first step for adding a new OS will be to modify <>.
Compilation will then warn about all OS parameterized properties that