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+I think that the root assumptions are in basically 3 places:
+* Many Properties assume they're run as root, and will fail if they're not.
+ Probably not a problem in practice for most of them. It might be nice
+ to make a few, such as `User.hasSomePassword` work when run as a normal
+ user.
+* Propellor's self-deployment involves running apt-get to instal ghc,
+ etc. This could be modified to check if it's not root and do a local
+ user of ghc if necessary.
+* `localdir = "/usr/local" and this is used in various places by eg,
+ `--spin`. It is, however, entirely possible to run "./propellor" in
+ some other directory, which causes it to run in that directory
+ and ensure the properties of localhost. `--spin` could certianly be
+ taught to run in a user mode where it uses "~/.propellor/" instead of
+ `localdir`.
+I think that's all! I don't plan to try to add this feature myself, but
+will be happy to support anyone who wants to work on it.