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+[[!comment format=mdwn
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+The compiler error message here is not nice; if
+[[todo/use_ghc_8.0_custom_compile_errors]] is able to be implemented some
+time, I'd hope for a error message more like:
+ Couldn't match Property DebianLike with UncheckedProperty UnixLike
+ Perhaps you forgot to use `changesFile` or `assume MadeChange`?
+Instead of the current mess which has a lot of bloat from type families.
+The meat of the error is here:
+ src/Propellor/Property/SiteSpecific/Pebble.hs:29:5:
+ Couldn't match type ‘Propellor.PropAccum.GetMetaTypes
+ (CombinedType (UncheckedProperty UnixLike) (Property UnixLike))’
+ with ‘Propellor.Types.Singletons.Sing y0’
+ The type variable ‘y0’ is ambiguous
+ Expected type: Propellor.PropAccum.GetMetaTypes
+ (CombinedType (UncheckedProperty UnixLike) (Property UnixLike))
+ Actual type: Propellor.Types.MetaTypes.MetaTypes y0
+cmdProperty has type UncheckedProperty UnixLike; in order to get
+a Property that runs a command, you have to provide some way of checking
+if the command made a change to the system.
+Since running tar certianly changes the system, adding `assume MadeChange`
+after it should do.
+Running pip install may not alwways change the system; it's up to you if
+you want to do a real check for change there or again `assume MadeChange`.
+I think those two changes are all you'll need to get it to compile.