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+Seems odd that the way Arch has installed ghc would
+make `cabal install` fail without additional options being added very time.
+That does not strike me as a good decision if it's the case. I guess that
+the -dynamic should only be set on Arch, since only it has inflicted this
+problem on itself.
+Would appreciate a patch with the ghc 8.8 fixes.
+I would not be surprised if cabal new-build does not provide any good way
+to find out where the executable was put, because after all cabal build
+doesn't either (just it's easier to guess there). Cabal expects a workflow
+where that's followed by cabal install, or cabal run.
+This might be one way: `cabal new-install --symlink-bindir=.`
+But with my older version of cabal, that seems to not actually work,
+indeed I can't get it to install the binaries anywhere. Maybe it does
+work with the newer cabal where new-install is the default.
+Needing to detect whether new-build was used or not is an added
+Best way I've found:
+ find dist-newstyle/ -executable -type f |grep 'propellor$'