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So, edit `~/.propellor/config.hs` to configure the host (maybe
start with a few simple properties), and re-run step 6.
Repeat until happy and move on to the next host. :)
-8. Write some neat new properties and send patches!
-## adding a central git repository
-The above quick start uses propellor without any central git repository.
-Instead, the git repo on a host gets updated from the repo on your laptop
-whenever you run `propellor --spin $HOST`.
-A central git repository allows hosts to run propellor from cron and pick
-up any updates you may have pushed. This is useful when managing several
-hosts with propellor.
-You can add a central git repository to your existing propellor setup easily:
-1. Push propellor's git repository to a central server (github or your own):
- `cd ~/.propellor/; git remote add origin ssh://; git push -u origin master`
-2. Configure the url your hosts should use for the git repisitory, if
- it differs from the url above, by setting up a remote named "deploy":
- `cd ~/.propellor/; git remote add deploy git://`
-2. Add a property to your hosts like:
- `Cron.runPropellor "30 * * * *"`
-3. Let your hosts know about the changed configuration (including the url
- to the central repository), by running `proellor --spin $HOST` for each
- of your hosts.
- Now they'll automatically update every 30 minutes, and you can
- `git commit -S` and `git push` changes that affect any number of
- hosts.
+8. Optionally, set up a [centralized git repository](
+ so multiple hosts can be updated with a simple `git commit -S; git push`
+9. Write some neat new properties and send patches!
## debugging