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3. If you don't have a gpg private key already, generate one: `gpg --gen-key`
4. Run: `propellor --add-key $KEYID`, which will make propellor trust
your gpg key, and will sign your `~/.propellor` repository using it.
-5. `cd ~/.propellor/`; use git to push the repository to a central
- server (github, or your own git server). Configure that central
- server as the origin remote of the repository.
+5. Push the git repository to a central server (github or your own):
+ `cd ~/.propellor/; git remote add origin ssh://; git push -u origin master`
6. Edit `~/.propellor/config.hs`, and add a host you want to manage.
You can start by not adding any properties, or only a few.
7. Pick a host and run: `propellor --spin $HOST`