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-propellor (5.9.0) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
- * Avoid displaying an excessive amount of type error messages when many
- properties have been combined in a props list.
- * Added custom type error messages when Properties don't combine due to
- conflicting MetaTypes.
- * Added custom type error messages for ensureProperty and tightenTargets.
- * Note that those changes made ghc 8.0.1 in a few cases unable to infer
- types when ensureProperty or tightenTargets is used. Adding a type
- annotation will work around this problem, if you cannot upgrade
- to a newer ghc that handles them better.
- * Use the type-errors library to detect when the type checker gets stuck
- unable to reduce type-level operations on MetaTypes, and avoid
- displaying massive error messages in such a case.
- * But, since type-errors is a new library not available in eg Debian
- yet, added a WithTypeErrors build flag. When the library is not
- available, cabal will automatically disable that build flag,
- and it will build without the type-errors library.
- * ensureProperty: The constraints have been simplified
- to EnsurePropertyAllowed. (API change)
- * ensureProperty: The contraints have been simplified
- to TightenTargetsAllowed. (API change)
- * CheckCombinable generates a Bool. (API change)
+propellor (5.8.1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
* Libvirt.installed: install libvirt-daemon-system
Thanks, David Bremner