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run it once for the whole. For example, may want to restart apache,
but only once despite many config changes being made to satisfy
properties. onChange is a poor substitute.
-* I often seem to want to be able to combine Properties monadically.
* --spin needs 4 ssh connections when bootstrapping a new host
that does not have the git repo yet. Should be possible to get that
down to 1.
@@ -12,7 +11,4 @@
* Display of docker container properties is a bit wonky. It always
says they are unchanged even when they changed and triggered a
-* Nothing brings up docker containers on boot. Although the next time
- propellor runs it will notice if a container is done, and fix it.
- Should propellor be run on boot? Or should provisioning a container
- install a systemd service file to start it?
+* Should properties be a tree rather than a list?