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Makefile: Removed "run" target which was default target.
"make" now only builds propellor, does not run it. Note that propellor 1.0.0 and earlier relied on this target for the Cron.runPropellor property's cronjob to work, so upgrading directly to this version from 1.0.0 would break that cron job. (Debian has 0.9.1 in stable, and 3.2.3 will be in the next stable release. Upgrading between Debian releases is supposed to be done without skipping a release, so that's ok.)
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diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
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--- a/Makefile
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@@ -1,11 +1,6 @@
DATE := $(shell dpkg-parsechangelog 2>/dev/null | grep Date | cut -d " " -f2-)
-# this target is provided (and is first) to keep old versions of the
-# propellor cron job working, and will eventually be removed
-run: build
- ./propellor
build: tags propellor.1 dist/setup-config
$(CABAL) build
ln -sf dist/build/propellor-config/propellor-config propellor