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-propellor 3.1.0 released with [[!toggle text="these changes"]]
-[[!toggleable text="""
- * Architecture changed from String to an ADT. (API Change)
- Transition guide: Change "amd64" to X86\_64, "i386" to X86\_32,
- "armel" to ARMEL, etc.
- Thanks, Félix Sipma.
- * The Debian data type now includes a DebianKernel. (API Change)
- This won't affect most config.hs, as osDebian defaults to
- Linux. Added osDebian' can be used to specify a different kernel.
- Thanks, Félix Sipma.
- * Improve exception handling. A property that threw a non-IOException
- used to stop the whole propellor run. Now, all non-async exceptions
- only make the property that threw them fail. (Implicit API change)
- * Added StopPropellorException and stopPropellorMessage which can be
- used in the unusual case where a failure of one property should stop
- propellor from trying to ensure any other properties.
- * tryPropellor returns Either SomeException instead of Either IOException
- (API change)
- * Switch letsencrypt to certbot package name.
- * Sbuild: Add keyringInsecurelyGenerated which is useful on throwaway
- build VMs.
- Thanks, Sean Whitton
- * Added Propellor.Property.SiteSpecific.Exoscale.
- Thanks, Sean Whitton
- * Property.Reboot: Added toDistroKernel and toKernelNewerThan.
- Thanks, Sean Whitton
- * Added ConfFile.hasIniSection.
- Thanks, Félix Sipma.
- * Apt.install: When asked to install a package that apt does not know
- about, it used to incorrectly succeed. Now it will fail.
- * Property.Firejail: New module.
- Thanks, Sean Whitton
- * File: Write privdata files in binary rather than text, which avoids
- failure when they do not contain valid unicode.
- Thanks, Andrew Schurman
- * Generalized fileProperty can now operate on a file as either a series
- of lines, or a ByteString.
- * [ Sean Whitton ]
- * New info property Schroot.useOverlays to indicate whether you want schroots
- set up by propellor to use the Linux kernel's OverlayFS.
- * Schroot.overlaysInTmpfs sets Schroot.useOverlays info property.
- * If you have indicated that you want schroots to use OverlayFS and the
- current kernel does not support it, Sbuild.built will attempt to reboot
- into a kernel that does, or fail if it can't find one.
- * Sbuild.built will no longer add duplicate `aliases=UNRELEASED,sid...` lines
- to more than one schroot config. It will not remove any such lines that the
- previous version of propellor added, though.
- * Sbuild.keypairGenerated works around Debian bug #792100 by creating the
- directory /root/.gnupg in advance.
- * Ccache.hasCache now sets the setgid bit on the cache directory, as
- ccache requires."""]] \ No newline at end of file
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+propellor 3.2.2 released with [[!toggle text="these changes"]]
+[[!toggleable text="""
+ * Added Linode.serialGrub property.
+ * Clean up build warnings about redundant constraints when built with ghc 8.0.
+ * Added Group.hasUser property. Thanks, Daniel Brooks"""]] \ No newline at end of file