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+All this property needs to do when `inChroot` is True is unmount anything
+bound below /usr/local/propellor and delete that directory, which should be
+OF course it's harder to implement it for use outside a chroot, but a
+property that works in a chroot would be enough for sbuild and would be a
+reasonable start.
+I don't think there's any sane way to remove cabal and stack cruft
+without deleting it all.
+Seems like to uninstall the build deps, it would be useful to get the build
+deps installed in the first place in a way that makes `apt-get autoremove`
+able to remove them. Currently, Bootstrap.depsCommand hardcodes
+a list of debian packages. It could instead just install propellor.deb,
+which depends on the same stuff, so the build deps get autoremoved after
+propellor is removed.
+But, different versions of the propellor package might have different deps
+than the version of propellor being bootstrapped.