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+Propellor seems inaccessible to me.
+The contribution workflow is based on emails or unstructured todo wiki subpages. It is unclear where to get help.
+I suggest you switch to using for example
+Getting contributions in open source is about how accessible your project is. That includes not only codebase, but especially workflow.
+I also barely see anyone respond to propellor topics on #haskell freenode.
+We use propellor at work and I'm already wondering if ansible would have been a better choice.
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+I think that the point of this was to prevent people with 'stable' in their sources.list from accidentally upgrading to a new stable release. Similarly, to prevent users with 'testing' in their sources.list from upgrading to the new testing, when what they wanted to do was track stable+1.
+I think that when a user uses propellor's `Testing` and `Unstable` types they are explicitly requesting a rolling release, so it seems find to pass it for those suites.
+This is not based on reading any discussions about the new feature. Just my own inference as to its purpose.