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-propellor 4.1.0 released with [[!toggle text="these changes"]]
-[[!toggleable text="""
- * User.hasInsecurePassword makes sure shadow passwords are enabled,
- so if the insecure password is later changed, the new password won't be
- exposed.
- * Bugfix: Apache.httpsVirtualHost' must create ssl/hn/ dir earlier
- Thanks, Sean Whitton.
- * Bootstrap.clonedFrom: Fix bug that broke copying .git/config into
- chroot.
- * Diskimage.imageExists: Align disk image size to multiple of 4096
- sector size, since some programs (such as VBoxManage convertdd)
- refuse to operate on disk images not aligned to a sector size.
- * Bootstrap.bootstrappedFrom: Fix bug that caused propellor to only
- be built from the bootstrapped config the first time.
- * Bootstrap.bootstrappedFrom: Avoid doing anything when not run in a
- chroot.
- * When provisioning a container, output was buffered until the whole
- process was done; now output will be displayed immediately.
- * LightDM.autoLogin: Make it require LightDM.installed.
- (minor API change as the type changed)
- * Propellor.Property.XFCE added with some useful properties for the
- desktop environment.
- * Added File.applyPath property.
- * Added File.checkOverwrite.
- * File.isCopyOf: Fix bug that prevented this property from working
- when the destination file did not yet exist."""]] \ No newline at end of file
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+propellor 4.2.0 released with [[!toggle text="these changes"]]
+[[!toggleable text="""
+ * DiskImage.grubBooted no longer takes a BIOS parameter,
+ and no longer implicitly adds Grub.installed to the properties of
+ the disk image. If you used DiskImage.grubBooted, you'll need to update
+ your propellor configuration, removing the BIOS parameter from
+ grubBooted and adding a Grub.installed property to the disk image, eg:
+ & Grub.installed PC
+ (API change)
+ * Grub.installed: Avoid running update-grub when used in a chroot, since
+ it will get confused.
+ * DiskImage.Finalization: Simplified this type since it does not need to
+ be used to install packages anymore. (API change)"""]] \ No newline at end of file