BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
borg-fixesBorg: handle old borg versions and issue a warning if no archive is foundNicolas Schodet2 years
borg-umaskBorg: use --umask after command for old borg versionsNicolas Schodet2 years
fstab-mountedFstab.mounted now creates mount point and always tries to mountNicolas Schodet5 years
icinga2Add Icinga 2 supportNicolas Schodet2 years
ignore-lost-n-foundUse isUnpopulated when creating a chroot or restoring a backupNicolas Schodet5 years
masterreleasing package propellor version 5.10.2Joey Hess3 years
mysqlMysql: add databaseRestored to create a database and populate itNicolas Schodet4 years
mysql-wipWIP remove HasInfo when no privdata neededNicolas Schodet4 years
network-stanzasNetwork: allow several stanzas for one interfaceNicolas Schodet23 months
nullmailerNullmailer: handle nullmailer configurationNicolas Schodet4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-09-01Lvm: split size parsing and roundinglvmNicolas Schodet
2017-09-01Lvm: use Partition.Fs in LvStateNicolas Schodet
2017-09-01Lvm: use better types for LogicalVolume and VolumeGroupNicolas Schodet
2017-09-01Add Lvm to propellor.cabalNicolas Schodet
2017-08-29Lvm: create, resize, format and remove logical volumesNicolas Schodet
2016-11-22releasing package propellor version 3.2.3Joey Hess
2016-11-22clean up after mergeJoey Hess
2016-11-22Merge branch 'joeyconfig'Joey Hess
2016-11-21Added a commentspwhitton
2016-11-20setting up joeyconfig after mergeJoey Hess