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2010-03-15tools/dfagen: limit c output using origin, closes #102Nicolas Schodet
2010-03-15tools/dfagen: limit output using origin, refs #102Nicolas Schodet
2009-05-08 * tools/dfagen:Nicolas Schodet
- added state attributes. - added support for more than one initial state. - added table of transitions with only one default branch. - added state and event template parameter. - added --output-dir. - make template directory relative to config file. - more options checking. - added transition attributes and callback definition. - conserve input file order in output. - added --dump and more option checking. - fixed missing newline.
2009-02-09 * all python:Nicolas Schodet
- changed tabs to spaces.
2008-04-22 * tools/dfagen:Nicolas Schodet
- added support for states and events names in C output.
2008-03-26 * tools/dfagen:Nicolas Schodet
- added generic states template.
2008-03-25 * tools/dfagen:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed warning in doc. - fixed missing newline. - added use of non default templates. - added warning about parser.g. - removed .orig file when patching.
2008-03-17 * tools/dfagen:Nicolas Schodet
- added dfagen.