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2013-04-07digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: fix added contactsNicolas Schodet
- move contact to input group, - fix STM32 port name and number, - add missing declaration in python module, - bold IO in spreadsheet.
2013-04-07digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: add 2 GPIO for arm contact in / outJerome Jutteau
2013-03-18digital/io-hub, eurobot/2013: add cherry plate contactsNicolas Schodet
2013-03-15eurobot/2013: add io-hub-stm32 connectionsNicolas Schodet
2013-01-20eurobot/2013: add project documentNicolas Schodet
2012-09-29eurobot/2013: new Eurobot rulesNicolas Schodet