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2013-04-27digital/io-hub/src/common-cc: enlarge the obstacles clearance radiusoliv-pathOlivier Lanneluc
2013-04-27digital/io-hub/src/common-cc: allow robot to target an obstacle (the cake)Olivier Lanneluc
2013-04-27Add type weight_tOlivier Lanneluc
2013-04-27Fix the weight of the second layer of navigation pointsOlivier Lanneluc
2013-04-27Add possibility for multiple navigation points layersOlivier Lanneluc
2013-04-27Do not allow to go into obstacles exclusion circle, except when target is ↵Olivier Lanneluc
the center of the cake. More dev required to make it more generic.
2013-04-27Rename "points[]" and associated variables into "navpoints[]"Olivier Lanneluc
2013-04-27Use int instead of mixed int8/int16 for indexes, uint16 for positionsOlivier Lanneluc
2013-04-27Fix the obstacle avoidance circle radius computationOlivier Lanneluc
2013-04-27Add points to all obstaclesOlivier Lanneluc
2013-04-27Add prepare_score and get_scoreOlivier Lanneluc
2013-04-27First commit - testing the escape factorOlivier Lanneluc
2013-04-27digital/io-hub/src/common-cc: add simulation path reportOlivier Lanneluc
2013-04-26digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: prefer backward movement for platesNicolas Schodet
2013-04-26digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: change start sequenceNicolas Schodet
2013-04-24digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday, host/simu: add cherries cannon simulationHEADmasterNicolas Schodet
2013-04-22digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: do not approach borders when blowing candlesNicolas Schodet
2013-04-22digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: plate loading behaviourNicolas Schodet
2013-04-22digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: add minimum distance for move FSMNicolas Schodet
Under this minimum distance, do not point the robot into the destination direction, this is meaningless.
2013-04-21digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: add follow the cake demo modeNicolas Schodet
2013-04-21digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: set cake sensors parameters for real robotNicolas Schodet
2013-04-21digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: change clamp output polarityNicolas Schodet
2013-04-21digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: add tests in proto and functions for candlesJerome Jutteau
2013-04-13digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: fix potentiometer commandNicolas Schodet
2013-04-13digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: fix potentiometer addressNicolas Schodet
2013-04-11digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: longer delay when deploying arm on initNicolas Schodet
2013-04-11digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: add candles demo modeNicolas Schodet
2013-04-11digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: centralize FSM definitionsNicolas Schodet
2013-04-11digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: remove bad commentJerome Jutteau
2013-04-11digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: add plate FSMJerome Jutteau
2013-04-11digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: add drinks_served to securise drinks FSMJerome Jutteau
2013-04-11digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: add drinks FSMJerome Jutteau
2013-04-10digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: blow candles which are really nearNicolas Schodet
2013-04-10digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: handle escape movements from cakeNicolas Schodet
2013-04-10digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: add score debug messageNicolas Schodet
2013-04-10digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: fix segfault with out of bound loopNicolas Schodet
2013-04-10digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: make a better decision on follow directionNicolas Schodet
2013-04-10digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: change Asserv::get_position syntaxNicolas Schodet
2013-04-10digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: detect obstacles when following the cakeNicolas Schodet
2013-04-10digital/io-hub/src/common-cc: give stop distance as parameterNicolas Schodet
2013-04-08digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: fix candle color deduceJerome Jutteau
2013-04-08digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: follow the cake, or leaveNicolas Schodet
2013-04-07digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: fix candle color deduceJerome Jutteau
2013-04-07digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: add success events for candlesJerome Jutteau
Oncle Ben: it's always a success !
2013-04-07digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: first TOP FSM action, work in progressNicolas Schodet
2013-04-07digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: adapt arm speed to simulatorNicolas Schodet
2013-04-07digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: add I2C potentiometer controlNicolas Schodet
2013-04-07digital/io-hub/src/common-cc: add follow asserv modeNicolas Schodet
2013-04-07digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: fix contact polarityNicolas Schodet
There is a pull up, so true means no contact.
2013-04-07digital/io-hub/src/apbirthday: fix added contactsNicolas Schodet
- move contact to input group, - fix STM32 port name and number, - add missing declaration in python module, - bold IO in spreadsheet.