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2010-04-07digital/avr/modules/math/geometry: add new moduleNicolas Schodet
2010-04-07digital/avr/make: fix simulation buildNicolas Schodet
2010-04-01digital/io/src: use one FSM with several active states, closes #83Nicolas Schodet
2010-01-13digital/avr/modules/flash: replace callback init by a macro, closes #104Nélio Laranjeiro
2010-01-12digital/avr/modules/flash: add flash ATMEL driverNélio Laranjeiro
2010-01-12digital/avr/modules/trace: remove MakefileNélio Laranjeiro
2010-01-12digital/avr/modules/trace: fix trace module to use the new flash driverNélio Laranjeiro
2010-01-12digital/avr/modules/flash: flash sst driverNélio Laranjeiro
Modify flash source code to initialise the SPI interface and detect the flash type using JDEC. Once the JDEC is read the flash driver initialise functions pointers to pilot the flash memory. The final objective is to have several flash support.
2010-01-12digital/avr/modules/flash: add FLASH_CS macrosNélio Laranjeiro
2010-01-12digital/avr/modules/flash: flash command uint replaced by flash_cmd_t typeNélio Laranjeiro
2010-01-12digital/avr/modules/flash: remove doxygen function headersNélio Laranjeiro
2010-01-12digital/avr/modules/flash: move init functionNélio Laranjeiro
2010-01-12digital/avr/modules/flash: flash host simulationNélio Laranjeiro
Add flash file access to be usable from flash stubs.
2009-08-24 * digital/avr/modules/path:Nicolas Schodet
- continue to search for obstacles until one is really blocking (closes #98).
2009-08-24 * digital/avr/modules/math/fixed:Nicolas Schodet
- round division result (closes #96). - changed macros to inlined.
2009-08-18 * digital/avr/modules/path/test:Nicolas Schodet
- add obstacle button.
2009-08-18 * digital/avr/modules/path (closes #81):Nicolas Schodet
- added escaping to avoid being blocked if inside an obstacle. - added obstacle factor to avoid a zone.
2009-08-18 * digital/avr/modules/path:Nicolas Schodet
- use define instead of 0xffff for infinite validity.
2009-08-13 * digital/avr/modules/path (closes #97):Nicolas Schodet
- fixed unfiltered obstacle point.
2009-07-13*tools/trace, digital/avr/modules/flash, digital/avr/modules/trace:Nélio Laranjeiro
* Added the flash host file support for simulator tests. * Removed in the python tool the memory space in double when receiving from the proto object.
2009-06-17*digital/avr/modules/flash:Nélio Laranjeiro
* Coded a flash simulation for host.
2009-06-11 * digital/avr/modules/path:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed minor typos. - added arcs display in test.
2009-06-11 * digital/avr/modules/path:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed assert.
2009-06-09*digital/avr/modules/trace:Nélio Laranjeiro
* Remove the test_target and test_host to be merged only in the test directory.
2009-06-05*digital/avr/modules/flash:Nélio Laranjeiro
* Removed the return with the flash status see #71.
2009-06-05*digital/avr/modules/trace:Nélio Laranjeiro
* Undo a wrong merge commit see r885 and r931.
2009-06-05*digital/avr/modules/flash, digital/avr/modules/trace: (Closes #71)Nélio Laranjeiro
* Removed proto_send useless calls.
2009-05-22 * digital/io/src, digital/avr/modules/trace:Jérémy Dufour
- add trace for the position of the bot, - remove path update trace, - add support for trace with 7 parameters.
2009-05-21 * digital/avr/modules/trace:Jérémy Dufour
- correctly handle the function to get the new trace value identifier.
2009-05-21 * digital/io/src:Jérémy Dufour
- add trace for path computing.
2009-05-20 * digital/io/src:Jérémy Dufour
- assert when creating an obstacle outside of the buffer.
2009-05-18* digital/avr/modules/flash:Nélio Laranjeiro
* Remove the memset from the host.
2009-05-17 * digital/avr/modules/twi:Nicolas Schodet
- reverted r801.
2009-05-16 * digital/avr/modules/utils:Jérémy Dufour
- add a function to compute CRC.
2009-05-16 * digital/avr/modules/twiJérémy Dufour
- correct a possible bug in the twi module?
2009-05-16 * digital/avr/modules/twi:Jérémy Dufour
- return length of read data when using twi_sl_poll.
2009-05-11* digital/avr/modules/flash: (Closes #68).Nélio Laranjeiro
* Removed the flash stub sub directory and add a real stub in file.
2009-05-07 * digital/avr/common:Nicolas Schodet
- added IO_ macros.
2009-05-07* digital/avr/modules/trace: (See #67)Nélio Laranjeiro
* Adapted the trace module to: * Find the last trace in order to start the new one, trace_i = trace_i-1 + 1 * A quarter of the flash is completely erased on the trace init to be used in the future. * Removed the start code useless from now. * tools/trace: * Update the python scripts to use the new trace implementation.
2009-04-25 * digital/avr/modules/usb:Nicolas Schodet
- solved compilation problem with C99 inlines.
2009-04-25 * digital/avr/modules/isp:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed errors seen after tests.
2009-04-25 * digital/avr/modules/spi:Nicolas Schodet
- added comment about GPIO settings. - added uninit.
2009-04-25 * digital/avr/modules/isp:Nicolas Schodet
- added user callbacks. - removed incomplete watchdog support.
2009-04-25 * digital/avr/modules/isp:Nicolas Schodet
- added many isp_proto commands.
2009-04-25 * digital/avr/modules/isp:Nicolas Schodet
- removed unused buffer_size argument (should be replaced with another mechanism).
2009-04-25 * digital/avr/modules/isp:Nicolas Schodet
- interface changes.
2009-04-25 * all python:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed comment.
2009-04-17 * digital/avr/modules/isp:Nicolas Schodet
- added isp_proto to handle AVR068 and AVR069 commands. - added very first isp_proto command.
2009-04-17 * digital/avr/modules/isp:Nicolas Schodet
- added isp_frame to handle AVR068 protocol.
2009-04-17 * digital/avr/modules/isp:Nicolas Schodet
- added low level programing methods.