path: root/digital/ai/src/utils
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-05-19digital/ai/src/utils/chrono: add chrono margin againNicolas Schodet
2012-05-19digital/ai/src/utils: add a margin to chronocup-2012-5Nicolas Schodet
2012-05-14digital/ai, digital/io: fix for io board after using interrupts for chronoNicolas Schodet
2012-05-14digital/ai/src/utils: change end of round sequenceNicolas Schodet
2012-05-14digital/ai/src/utils: use interrupt for timerNicolas Schodet
2011-05-21digital/ai: add function to set chrono as desiredJérôme Jutteau
2011-05-05digital/avr, digital/ai: add AT90USB1287 supportNicolas Schodet
2011-05-03digital/{ai,io}: move timer and chrono to aiNicolas Schodet