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2011-03-03analog/supply, digital/lol: batchpcb orderNicolas Schodet
2011-02-16analog/supply: update after review, v0.96Nicolas Schodet
- one more hole, - many vias, - 24V self turned.
2011-02-15analog/supply: update after review, v0.95Nicolas Schodet
2011-02-10analog/supply: last version before review, v0.94Nicolas Schodet
2011-02-10analog/supply: place componentsNicolas Schodet
2011-02-10analog/supply: add selector and many caps, v0.92Nicolas Schodet
2011-02-10analog/supply: component size and value ok, v0.9Nicolas Schodet
2010-12-07analog/supply: work in progress, v0.8Nicolas Schodet
2010-11-15analog/supply: new power supply board schematics, work in progressNicolas Schodet
2010-11-04analog/us-supply: import boardNicolas Schodet
2009-04-17 * digital/avr/modules/spi:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed bad SPI2X mode. - prepare for software driver.
2009-04-13Corrected solder mask : the gap between pads and GND plane was not filled withPierre Prot
varnish, and then, there has been shorts when soldering. Corrected by putting DRC->mask->Max = 4mils
2009-04-13Version 3 contains bug correction and improvements. Pierre Prot
- Added serial resistor on SPI_CS - Changed output capacitors for +5V and +10V (was ceramic, ESR was too low and regulator was unstable ; now : it is aluminium, ESR is ok) - Moved HE10 contacts from PA5/PA6 to PD4/PD5. Now it is muxed with VREF_L and VREF_R outputs. They shall be read at boot time, before being set as PWM outputs - Added signal LIM_L_A and LIM_R_A to the CPU. This is to be used for MOSFET driving during current limitation - Modified text
2009-04-13Version 2 of "Alim" board.Pierre Prot
Corrected schematic bugs and misses of version 1 : - Enable function of charge boost is controled, so that when Nestor is not high enough for powering the board, the charge is also cut - Bug on MAX969 is corrected : LEDs are mounted in a manner which is compliant with the open-drain outputs of the comparators - Q5 : a mosfet replaces the junction BC850 (minor) - Added D15, a diode which quickly discharges the soft-start capacitor in order to better avoir spikes during transients (minor) The PCB is modified.
2009-02-09Corrected errors about MOSFET drivers referencesPierre Prot
2009-01-19 * analog/aux-power:Nicolas Schodet
- renamed PCB files.
2008-12-10 * analog/aux-power/pcb:Nicolas Schodet
- changed resistors from 1206 to 0603.
2008-11-27 * analog/aux-power:Nicolas Schodet
- imported puiss-barillet from SI2E sources r426.
2008-04-22Update of design documentationPierre Prot
2008-04-16Set PWM_MIN_LR_ to 0x01 instead of unusefull and limitative 0x10 value.Guillaume Chevillot
2008-04-14 * analog/motor-power-avr/src:Nicolas Schodet
- added SPI protocol usage.
2008-04-14 * analog/motor-power-avr/src:Nicolas Schodet
- use 38400 baudrate as the dev board can not handle 115200 right.
2008-04-04 * analog/motor-power-avr/src:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed Makefile.
2008-03-27Update current limitation to rise an IT on falling edge and no longerGuillaume Chevillot
at low level.
2008-03-20Correct an inversion in current limitation interrupt vectors.Guillaume Chevillot
Now left side is correctly on the left side and vice-versa.
2008-03-20Update "LED Flash" function to show a reboot more explicitely :Guillaume Chevillot
LEDs on 0.25s and after LEDs off 0.25s instead off LEDs on 0.5s
2008-03-20- Current limitation set command to High-Z so to be coherent turn on LEDs Guillaume Chevillot
instead - Do not set back interrupts in current limitation IT because it is continuously called when we are in limitation
2008-03-13Fixed current limit PWM generationGuillaume Chevillot
2008-03-13- Add current limitation management (not tested yet !) :Guillaume Chevillot
- Add current limitation PWM generation - Add external current limitation interrupts management - Update current limitation software part - Update TODO list (try to reduce it...)
2008-03-12Add some measurementsGuillaume Chevillot
2008-03-10Premier jet : description du 2nd algo de génération PWMPierre Prot
2008-03-10Correct a bug in 'r' and 'l' command that resulted of a inverted value of ↵Guillaume Chevillot
PWM for '1' direction
2008-03-10Use of "Fast PWM" mode rather than "normal" mode for PWM timersGuillaume Chevillot
2008-03-10*Glups* So many thngs to do...Guillaume Chevillot
2008-03-10- Add support of 'w' commandGuillaume Chevillot
- 'r' command works correctly now
2008-03-08 * analog/motor-power-avr/src:Nicolas Schodet
- right channel source files autogeneration.
2008-03-07- We can now send a command to have a PWM above 50%, let's go to the highway...Guillaume Chevillot
- Remove of a not needed cast
2008-03-07Stop right side too a 'z' command (remove of a forgotten comment)Guillaume Chevillot
2008-03-07Make command to High-Z state worksGuillaume Chevillot
2008-03-07Add R side serial command handlingGuillaume Chevillot
2008-03-06Add support of right sideGuillaume Chevillot
2008-03-06Corrected PWM generation. Seems to work fine now.Guillaume Chevillot
2008-03-05 * orders/olimex_2008-03-06:Nicolas Schodet
- added board and gerbers.
2008-03-04 * analog/alim/pcb, analog/motor-power-avr/pcb:Nicolas Schodet
- replaced polyswitch.
2008-03-04Updated code LEDs to be more explicit :Guillaume Chevillot
- 2 LEDs for each motor driver - First LED blinking at PWM frequency for dir. 0 - Second LED blinking at PWM frequency for dir. 1 - Both LEDs are off on HIGH Z - Both LEDs are on on brake
2008-03-04- Removed 'static' qualifier to 'main_loop'Guillaume Chevillot
- 'led_flash' function added to detect startup (thanks to Ni) - Temporary empty vectors for right side timer (timer2) added to prevent resets (right side code is not implmented yet)
2008-03-02- Fixed and improved outputs initializationsGuillaume Chevillot
- Use LEDs to show command status
2008-02-29Updated feedback calculation for LM2931-ADJ linear regulationPierre Prot
2008-02-29Updated SEPIC feedback for adapting to LM248 architecturePierre Prot
2008-02-29Changed SEPIC controlerPierre Prot
- was : synchonous buck in voltage mode regulation (not stable for Vin < Vout) - is now : boost/sepic controler LM3488 with current mode regulation (easy to stabilise because current is 90° forward output voltage) - rerouting - some modifications in the silkscreen and explaination text