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2009-04-13Corrected solder mask : the gap between pads and GND plane was not filled withPierre Prot
varnish, and then, there has been shorts when soldering. Corrected by putting DRC->mask->Max = 4mils
2009-04-13Version 2 of "Alim" board.Pierre Prot
Corrected schematic bugs and misses of version 1 : - Enable function of charge boost is controled, so that when Nestor is not high enough for powering the board, the charge is also cut - Bug on MAX969 is corrected : LEDs are mounted in a manner which is compliant with the open-drain outputs of the comparators - Q5 : a mosfet replaces the junction BC850 (minor) - Added D15, a diode which quickly discharges the soft-start capacitor in order to better avoir spikes during transients (minor) The PCB is modified.
2008-03-05 * orders/olimex_2008-03-06:Nicolas Schodet
- added board and gerbers.
2008-03-04 * analog/alim/pcb, analog/motor-power-avr/pcb:Nicolas Schodet
- replaced polyswitch.
2008-02-29Changed SEPIC controlerPierre Prot
- was : synchonous buck in voltage mode regulation (not stable for Vin < Vout) - is now : boost/sepic controler LM3488 with current mode regulation (easy to stabilise because current is 90° forward output voltage) - rerouting - some modifications in the silkscreen and explaination text
2008-02-01Réorganisation du répertoirePierre Prot
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