AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2011-05-30digital/io-serial/src/codebar: initial codebar codeMaxime Hadjinlian
2011-05-30digital/io-hub: added some logistic dump and little fix in topJérôme Jutteau
2011-05-30digital/io-hub: manage founded towersJérôme Jutteau
2011-05-30digital/io-hub: add special cases and when clamp is brokenJérôme Jutteau
2011-05-30digital/io-hub: collect direction is opposed to tower build direction.Jérôme Jutteau
2011-05-30digital/io-hub: improve top FSMNicolas Schodet
2011-05-30digital/io-hub, host/simu: add Strat contactNicolas Schodet
2011-05-30digital/io-hub: change algorithm for logisticJérôme Jutteau
2011-05-30digital/io-hub: start top FSMNicolas Schodet
2011-05-30digital/io-hub: change element_get_posNicolas Schodet
2011-05-30digital/io-hub: faster simulated initialisationNicolas Schodet
2011-05-30digital/io-hub: move: post events instead of handling themNicolas Schodet
This caused problem because the move FSM can receive events after the top FSM (this depends on the order of the FSM), and therefore, it can receive the robot_move_success event that was for the top FSM.
2011-05-30digital/{ai,io-hub}: fix wrong team color definitionNicolas Schodet
2011-05-30digital/io-hub: handle element detection on tableNicolas Schodet
2011-05-29digital/avr/module: add module servo from digital/io/srcMaxime Hadjinlian
2011-05-29digital/asserv: callibrate asserv parametersNicolas Schodet
2011-05-29digital/io-hub: add jack commandNicolas Schodet
2011-05-29digital/io-hub: softer clamp & door controlNicolas Schodet
2011-05-29digital/io-hub: new clamp parameter, with offset on all positionsNicolas Schodet
2011-05-29digital/asserv: new blocking parametersNicolas Schodet
2011-05-29digital/mimot: new blocking parametersNicolas Schodet
2011-05-29digital/avr/make: add size report for AVRNicolas Schodet
2011-05-29digital/io-hub: add clamp initialisationNicolas Schodet
2011-05-29digital/io-hub: add offset to back bay tooNicolas Schodet
2011-05-29digital/io-hub, digital/mimot: change robospierre elevation motor parametersNicolas Schodet
2011-05-29digital/{ai,io-hub,mimot}, host/simu: change robospierre rotation motorNicolas Schodet
2011-05-29digital/io-hub: open clamp more slowlyNicolas Schodet
There is an hard point when opening the door, this is hopefully a temporary workaround.
2011-05-29digital/io-hub: fix hardware offset when going to frontNicolas Schodet
2011-05-29digital/ai/src/fsm: fix timeout assignmentNicolas Schodet
2011-05-29digital/{ai,io-hub}: move eventsNicolas Schodet
2011-05-28digital/io: fixed how to deduce elements on intersectionsJérôme Jutteau
2011-05-28digital/io-hub: add function to get position from element idJérôme Jutteau
This is useful to indicate an angle when we want to approach an element the green zone.
2011-05-28digital/io-hub: add function to get nearest element id and add test_elementJérôme Jutteau
2011-05-28digital/io-hub: add element score computationJérôme Jutteau
2011-05-24digital/io-hub: add move FSMNicolas Schodet
2011-05-24digital/io-hub: add stub path moduleNicolas Schodet
2011-05-23digital/io-hub: handle clamp open/close offsetNicolas Schodet
2011-05-23digital/ai/tools: use new door and clamp commandNicolas Schodet
2011-05-23digital/mimot: default to unlimited motorNicolas Schodet
2011-05-23digital/{io,io-hub,ai}: add generic radar, add radar to robospierreNicolas Schodet
2011-05-23digital/io-hub: add US distance sensorsNicolas Schodet
2011-05-22digital/avr/modules/devices/usdist: new US sensor moduleNicolas Schodet
2011-05-22digital/io-hub: add door/clamp commandNicolas Schodet
2011-05-22digital/io-hub: add missing commentNicolas Schodet
2011-05-22digital/io-hub: handle new elements when clamp lockedNicolas Schodet
2011-05-22digital/io-hub: handle clamp lockingNicolas Schodet
When the clamp is in a bay with an element at the middle level, it can no longer move.
2011-05-22digital/io-hub: rename element to element_type where appropriatedNicolas Schodet
2011-05-22digital/io-hub: update clamp positions and pwm valuesNicolas Schodet
2011-05-22digital/mimot: add offset to compensate H-bridge dead zoneNicolas Schodet
2011-05-21digital/ai: add function to set chrono as desiredJérôme Jutteau