AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-05-11digital/avr/make: add -MP option to ignore missing include files in dependenciesNicolas Schodet
2012-05-11digital/asserv, digital/mimot: fix bug when no proto argumentNicolas Schodet
2012-05-11host/proto, digital/ai/tools: stop simulation when a program crashesNicolas Schodet
2012-05-11digital/beacon: send angle in raw format instead of degreeFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: sent data is coded in uint16_t instead of uint8_tFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: servo offset is computed according to the scanning senseFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: FAST scanning state is set instead of SLOW scanning stateFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: reinitialize calibration state when task is stoppedFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: remove uneeded wheel_start_stop_taskFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: modify debug task displayFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: use ICR3 only for angle computationFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: laser_engage_angle_confirmation() hanndles top 0 positionFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: new state machine into Zigbee sending IRQ vectorFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: disable interrupt at the end of ISR(TIMER3_COMPB_vect)Florent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: inhibit_angle_confirmation() must be called every timesFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: modify angle toleranceFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: modify servo2 positionFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: modify initial MAX valueFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: servo1 is invertedFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: change initial rotation sense for servo1Florent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: remove SERVO_ANGLE_INIT defineFlorent Duchon
2012-05-11digital/beacon: add .gitignore file for beacon directoryFlorent Duchon
2012-05-09digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: handle cases when clamp is not readyNicolas Schodet
2012-05-09digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: top should not post event, but directly handle itNicolas Schodet
2012-05-08digital/io-hub/tools: add script to decode FSM tracesNicolas Schodet
2012-05-08digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: add lower clamp zero statNicolas Schodet
2012-05-08digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: fix jack, color and strategy contactsNicolas Schodet
2012-05-08digital/io-hub/src/guybrush, host/simu/robots/guybrush: add lower clamp zeroNicolas Schodet
2012-05-08digital/io-hub: optional pull-up for contactsNicolas Schodet
2012-05-07digital/avr/modules/isp: handle reset polarity parameterNicolas Schodet
2012-05-07host/simu/robots/guybrush/view/ changing the color of clamp 1Julien Balleyguier
2012-05-07digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: cleaning the fileJulien Balleyguier
2012-05-07digital/io-hub/tools: add guybrush user interfaceNicolas Schodet
2012-05-07digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: cleaning the useless var (clamp_1_open)Julien Balleyguier
2012-05-07digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: adding the stop_tree_approach plug-inJulien Balleyguier
2012-05-07digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: interract with clamp FSMNicolas Schodet
2012-05-07digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: push bottleNicolas Schodet
2012-05-07digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: first unload implementationNicolas Schodet
2012-05-07digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: first dumb top FSMNicolas Schodet
2012-05-07digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: adding signals to tell the top what the clamp is...Julien Balleyguier
2012-05-07host/simu/robots/guybrush: fix problem since totem is at level 3Nicolas Schodet
2012-05-07host/simu/robots/guybrush: increase margin to take lower coins in totemNicolas Schodet
2012-05-07digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: Starting the FSM in "Clamp Start" stateJulien Balleyguier
2012-05-07digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: Adding an event to tell master when readyJulien Balleyguier
2012-05-07digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: Clamp fsm and all the needed files to simulate itJulien Balleyguier
2012-05-06digital/io/src: call yapps in MakefileNicolas Schodet
2012-05-06host/simu, digital/io-hub/src/guybrush: handle new US sensors positionsNicolas Schodet
2012-05-06digital/ai: add sensor argument to radar_validNicolas Schodet
2012-05-06host/simu/model/table: handle multi level sensorsNicolas Schodet
2012-05-06digital/avr/make: add rule to program board in MakefileNicolas Schodet