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2009-04-16poster PS Fleur Bouron
2009-04-16poster PSFleur Bouron
2009-04-15 * digital/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- new parameters for AquaJim.
2009-04-15 * digital/asserv/src/hdlcounter:Nicolas Schodet
- changed counter divisions.
2009-04-15 * digital/asserv/tools:Nicolas Schodet
- added PWM inversion parameter.
2009-04-15 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed variable scope bug.
2009-04-15 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed typo bug in PWM value.
2009-04-15 * digital/io/src:Nicolas Haller
- first version of elevator FSM
2009-04-13 * digital/io/src:Nicolas Haller
- first version of filterbridge FSM
2009-04-13 * digital/avr/make/Makefile.fsm:Nicolas Haller
- png target fixed
2009-04-13Corrected solder mask : the gap between pads and GND plane was not filled withPierre Prot
varnish, and then, there has been shorts when soldering. Corrected by putting DRC->mask->Max = 4mils
2009-04-13Version 3 contains bug correction and improvements. Pierre Prot
- Added serial resistor on SPI_CS - Changed output capacitors for +5V and +10V (was ceramic, ESR was too low and regulator was unstable ; now : it is aluminium, ESR is ok) - Moved HE10 contacts from PA5/PA6 to PD4/PD5. Now it is muxed with VREF_L and VREF_R outputs. They shall be read at boot time, before being set as PWM outputs - Added signal LIM_L_A and LIM_R_A to the CPU. This is to be used for MOSFET driving during current limitation - Modified text
2009-04-13Version 2 of "Alim" board.Pierre Prot
Corrected schematic bugs and misses of version 1 : - Enable function of charge boost is controled, so that when Nestor is not high enough for powering the board, the charge is also cut - Bug on MAX969 is corrected : LEDs are mounted in a manner which is compliant with the open-drain outputs of the comparators - Q5 : a mosfet replaces the junction BC850 (minor) - Added D15, a diode which quickly discharges the soft-start capacitor in order to better avoir spikes during transients (minor) The PCB is modified.
2009-04-10ajout de fichiers pour le poster PSFleur Bouron
2009-04-10 * digital/dev2:Nicolas Schodet
- added dev2gpio.
2009-04-10 * digital/dev2:Nicolas Schodet
- added usb_serial_isp, no isp yet.
2009-04-10 * digital/avr/make:Nicolas Schodet
- accept INCLUDES path override from Makefiles.
2009-04-10 * digital/avr/modules/uart:Nicolas Schodet
- added support for AT90USB162.
2009-04-10 * digital/avr/modules/usb:Nicolas Schodet
- do it more the AVR modules way.
2009-04-10 * digital/avr/modules/usb:Nicolas Schodet
- added usb module.
2009-04-10 * digital/avr/modules/usb:Nicolas Schodet
- imported LUFA.
2009-04-04 * digital/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- added second auxiliary motor support.
2009-04-04deuxieme version du projet pour poolzorFleur Bouron
2009-04-03 * host/proto, host/inter, digital/asserv, digital/io:Nicolas Schodet
- reverted r693. - no longer count on implicit float to interger conversion.
2009-04-03 * digital/asserv/tools:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed after r683.
2009-03-30 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- use pointers for aux.
2009-03-30 * digital/avr/common:Nicolas Schodet
- added IO_* macros to define port/bit combinations.
2009-03-30 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- use pointers for position updates.
2009-03-30 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- use a structure for PWM state.
2009-03-30 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- updated comments.
2009-03-30 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- use pointers for speed updates.
2009-03-30 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- raised lower PWM limit.
2009-03-30 * digital/asserv/tools:Nicolas Schodet
- use scale for speed controlled position offset.
2009-03-30 * host/proto:Nicolas Schodet
- convert to int before sending.
2009-03-30 * digital/asserv, digital/io:Nicolas Schodet
- drop characters on buffer overflow.
2009-03-26tools/trace/doc: Correct the real values of the flash.Nélio Laranjeiro
2009-03-26tools/trace/doc: Compute the time required to trace insert a trace in theNélio Laranjeiro
flash memory.
2009-03-14 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- convert to utf8, - update a comment.
2009-03-14 * digital/ioJérémy Dufour
- do not use hardcoded values for the bits position in the status flag from asserv board.
2009-03-14 * digital/io:Jérémy Dufour
- clean main timer module, - update chrono module to rely on main timer (timer/counter 0).
2009-03-14 * digital/io:Jérémy Dufour
- add a define for the eurobot 2009 bot.
2009-03-14 * digital/io/src:Jérémy Dufour
- clean main timer module.
2009-03-14 * digital/io/src, digital/avr/makeJérémy Dufour
- move FSM build rules to a specific Makefile, - use a variable to define the list of FSMs to build.
2009-03-14 * host/inter, host/simu:Nicolas Schodet
- moved drawable and trans_matrix to the new directory structure. - new drawable behaviour.
2009-03-14 * host/inter:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed bad unit for servo.
2009-03-08 * host/mex:Nicolas Schodet
- added scheduler interface.
2009-03-08 * host/mex:Nicolas Schodet
- code factorisation. - make things private.
2009-03-06tools/trace: Ended the interpretor part of the trace tool.Nélio Laranjeiro
2009-03-06digital/avr/modules/trace: Store known values for the trace.Nélio Laranjeiro
2009-03-06digital/avr/modules/flash: Fix the code to find the last trace.Nélio Laranjeiro